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Education and Experiences For Artists

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Welcome to my Studio

Inspired Art and Business Education

Whether you are an experienced or beginner artist, or simply a curious art enthusiast, there is something for you here for you at Susan Nethercote Studio. I love welcoming fellow creatives into both my online world and my home studio in my beautiful 1860’s home.

Join me for a creative adventure either online or in person, I know you will enjoy the ride. Here, the only requirement is that you give yourself the time and space to notice the beauty around you and give yourself permission to express it in your own unique way.

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Art Classes Launching Soon!


I love teaching my art techniques and business skills, and am thrilled to now be able to share these with friends all over the world in the ‘Susan Nethercote Studio Insider Digital Editions’.

My ‘Studio Insider Digital Editions’ are online art and business courses that are coming SOON!

If you’d like to stay in the loop with when the first painting and mixed media course is released, then be sure to click become below become Susan Nethercote Studio-Insider.

When you join you’ll receive access to my ‘Top 10 Practical Tips to Elevate Your Art to a Professional Level’. I’m here to help you make your art even more beautiful.


IntimateWorkshops In My Personal Studio

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I love nothing more than welcoming my fellow artists into my studio to share in a lush day of mixed media painting and all things art and business in my ‘Studio Insider Workshop’.

Nothing beats hands-on experience when it comes to art supplies. During this one day workshop in my personals studio I walk you through my Floral Abstract painting process as you paint using the very same top-quality art supplies that I use myself.

This workshop is a beautiful a day to remember! Whether you are a beginner painter wanting to learn the first steps in intuitive painting or an experienced artist looking for more direction in their painting style and next business steps, this day will not disappoint.

Become a Susan Nethercote ‘Studio Insider’ and receive my FREE guide to my most loved art supplies.


Join Me In My Studio for an Intimate Workshop Experience

‘Studio Insider Workshop’ Ballarat, Australia.


Travel Like an Artist


Retreats To Inspire the Creative Traveller

Occasionally I experience a part of the world that is so full of inspiration that I feel compelled to create an art retreat experience. They don’t happen every year, but when they do, they are next level SPECIAL.

To hear more about my bespoke Art Retreats in locations such as the French Riviera pop on over to the retreats page.